Thursday, December 27, 2012

Right Story, Wrong Site

Never let it be said that Gossips is unwilling to admit a mistake, and a rather significant one was made this morning. The site of these two lost Hudson River Bank buildings was not what is now Thurston Park. 

Both buildings stood where this building now stands.

According to the reader who called to correct Gossips' error, after the fire in 1935, Anthony Fabiano, who later built some of the strip malls on Fairview Avenue, purchased the building from the Elks and demolished it. On the site, he built the current building. 

Some of the elements of the 1869 bank building were salvaged and used for the new building. The entrance doors are the interior entrance doors from the 1869 building, and the stoop is composed of the brownstone threshold and the plinths that supported the columns that flanked the entrance way.