Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Items of Interest from Other Blogs

Lynn Sloneker, savvy observer of the Hudson City School District, reports on her blog Unmuffled about Monday's Board of Education meeting: "BOE questioned on the handling of sexual harassment complaint."  

Sam Pratt's posts on his blog about Quintin Cross and the outcome of Cross's most recent brush with the law have elicited comments from Cross himself. Commenting on the post "2nd grand jury drops burglary charges against Cross and McClendon," Cross calls Pratt's account a "refreshing but inaccurate synopsis," to which Pratt responds by posing eight questions, seeking clarity. On the post "Typo Phile: First Name Basis," Cross tells Pratt that he should ask his questions of the people who initiated the investigation but then agrees to an on-air interview if Pratt will be the "questioner."


  1. I am still awaiting an email response from Quintin to make arrangements, but remain hopeful that he will sit down for a video interview. Quintin, the email again is:

    Among the things that I would ask (besides the list of questions already set forth) is to be specific about alleged inaccuracies. It’s an easy word to throw out there, but in the absence of specific example and corrective information, it does nothing to either convince the reader or set the record straight.


  2. Sam I have stated that I would like to give you the interview but I am adamant that this interview be done at WGXC the community radio station and if you can't agree to those terms an alternate location can be Time & Space Limited.