Monday, January 6, 2014

Ear to the Ground

The acquisition of Hudson property by Galvan Partners and/or Galvan Initiatives Foundation continues. Word has it that Galvan is buying this house on the 300 block of Allen Street, two doors down from the Galvan manse.

And there's a Galvan acquisition that Gossips overlooked reporting when it happened. According to reports, sometime in the past year, Galvan purchased 105 Union Street, bringing the total number of properties that Galvan owns in the First Ward alone to twenty-one--a number that includes the COARC building, which takes up most of the south side of Warren Street between Front and First streets.


  1. What, exactly, is the game plan? This is a voracious pace of acquisitions. I've never hear of anyone buying so many properties in one small city.

  2. Maybe we should just put a price tag on what GALVAN hasn't purchased and let him have his way with the place.