Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Community Event a Hundred Years Ago

The post card images of the Elks Club, when it was located at 231 Warren Street, published on Gossips yesterday inspired Paul Barrett to bring to our attention this account of plans for Ladies' Night at the Elks Club. The item appeared in the Evening Register on February 25, 1915.

From 8 o'clock this evening the women will be in possession of the Elks' club of Hudson, the entire building being thrown open and placed at their disposal. The men members will be present, but only to act as guides to the ladies as they go through the handsome home or as dancing partners when the orchestra strikes up some of the latest dancing melodies. Light refreshments will be served and a most pleasant evening is anticipated. The card room and the red room have been set apart for the ladies, where a maid will be in attendance with mirrors, brushes and all the essentials for the final touch to the toilet.
The big living room will be a fine place for visitings, and the new grill will be open all evening and the "mans row" by the bowling alleys will be set aside for dancing. Upstairs the pool and billiard room will be ready for use, and cards can be indulged in by those so inclined.   
This illustration for McCall Patterns gives an idea of how the ladies of Hudson might have been dressed for this occasion.

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