Friday, January 10, 2014

The Acquisition Continues

Gossips recently learned that Eric Galloway has purchased the Hudson Upper Depot.


  1. Glad someone did...its a great structure

  2. snake oil salesman
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  3. Van Kleecks Tire Co. that sold it to Galloway.... Just recently sent the demo and landscape company that "disassembled " 900 Colombia for Galloway......To go in front of HPC to get a permission to tear it down. They told HPC they would do it just for the bricks. They were
    not given a C/A from HPC.
    I guess Galloway must have told Van Kleecks to give it a part of the sales agreement..I GUESS
    After this insanity with "moving 900 Columbia" I hope ,it will slow GalVan down with any big ideas of "disassembling" or MOVING the Train Depot.
    We are are wrapping up ,the Year of the Snake
    and going into the the Year of the Horse.
    Let's hope that includes the iron horse history, for the sake of the Depot and Hudson history.

    1. Not much slows Galvan.....
      they do whatever they please