Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sale of Warren Inn Confirmed

Gossips reported it at the end of November. Today the Register-Star has the story: "After 4 decades, Warren Inn changing hands."

John Mason reports that the hotel has been purchased by "a young couple from New York City," effectively dispelling the rumor circulated on Facebook earlier this week that the Warren Inn was yet another Galvan acquisition. It is reported that the new owners "plan to renovate the hotel and bring back the restaurant that flourished for many years, running the business as a full-service hotel." That being the case, it is fitting to recall the building's glory days, when it was first converted from a movie theater into a motel known as the Roylton.

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  1. Found inside the Warren Inn are two lovely & kind ladies, Linda & Liz. Linda is the present owner that assisted Animal Kind in their time of need after the fire to offer a place of shelter for their animals & business.
    Liz is the ass't mgr. & one of Hudson's last remaining "knowledgeable" (Hudson's history) barkeepers. I wish them well.