Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Acquisition of Hudson: First Ward

The confirmation earlier this week that the Galvan Initiatives Foundation was buying the COARC building, which takes up almost an entire block on Warren Street, inspired Gossips to ponder just how much of the city has been acquired by the mysterious and mercurial T. Eric Galloway and to what extent he can now affect what city looks like and how it develops. There have been counts of the total number of parcels owned by Galloway, estimates of the percentage of all Hudson property that are Galvan holdings, and illustrated lists of Galvan properties, but a map may be the best way to appreciate the impact.

We'll start with the First Ward, because the greatest concentration of Galvan properties seems to be in the First Ward. On the map above, red indicates properties currently owned by Galvan Partners or the Galvan Initiatives Foundation; gold marks properties that Galloway or some iteration of what is now Galvan Partners LLC owned, renovated and/or subdivided, or built new and then sold to someone else.

Not marked on the map is the Allen Street School, which was purchased by Galvan in June 2013 and then sold soon thereafter to the owners of Basilica Hudson.

The map used as the basis for the above map is from the 1888 Beers Atlas. The property lines have not changed since 1888, or at least not for the purpose of this map, and, for the most part, neither have the footprints of the buildings. Credit goes to Timothy O'Connor for putting the pieces together to make a map of the First Ward on which I could mark the Galvan properties.

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  1. The "property barren" nametag in Hudson has changed thru the centuries. You may start with the Jenkins & other Proprietors, jump to the 20th Century add Finkelstein 1950-1970? (I believe she lived in a house (demolished) on the hill on Prospect across from CMH), then came 1980's with S&G Associates & another group that I do not recall. Which brings us to Galvan. More than likely I missed others.