Friday, January 3, 2014

The Best-Laid Plans . . .

Here are two reasons why snow emergencies don't work exactly as they are supposed it.

Just before noon, Mona Coade-Wingate snapped this picture of Second Street just south of Warren. Cars are parked on both sides of the street, in clear violation of the Snow Emergency Plan, which states: AT NO TIME DURING A SNOW EMERGENCY WILL THERE BE PARKING ON 2 SIDES OF ANY STREET.

And then there is this phenomenon, which isn't even addressed in the Snow Emergency Plan. At some time between 5 and 6 p.m., when there was little or no possibility that a snow plow would come through again, someone on the even side of the street shoveled all the snow from his sidewalk into the street, effectively eliminating two parking spaces for the cars still dutifully parked on the odd side, waiting for it to be 8 p.m., when they could move to the even side.



  1. The point of "snow emergencies" is to regulate parking so that snow may be plowed and removed. If the latter is not done, what's the point? Has there been an explanation for what appears to be a complete breakdown in City plowing and snow removal?

  2. Driving home at about 6:30 that evening, I wondered if I remembered the wording of the snow emergency parking regulation correctly.
    Noticing that no cars were parked on the even side of our block, I pulled into a space on the even side, and re-read the nearest one:

    Even side: no parking Thursday 8:00 PM to Friday 8:00 PM
    Odd side: no parking Friday 8:00 PM to Saturday 8:00 AM

    I pictured the scene (as the author of this notice might have imagined it) - every Hudsonian car user rushing from their warm home at precisely 8:00 PM on Friday to move their car to the opposite side of the street, shovel in hand, ready to carve a parking space out of the (still snow covered) even side of the street in the one minute allowed between alternate prohibitions. What a scene...

  3. To add to the confusion, there were no "no parking" sings on the even side of the 800 block on Warren on Saturday evening so I dutifully parked on the even side. Even as I took my dog out at 11:00 p.m. there were no "no parking" signs on the even side of the 800 block YET we woke up on Sunday morning to our cars not being there. Sometime overnight our cars were towed even though there were no signs to the contrary ... UNBELIEVABLE! We will be fighting this but, with the alleged corruption and deceit we have observed in our 8 months of living in Hudson, our success battling the "good ole boys" is doubtful!