Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Historic Detail Hunt Reminder

The deadline for submitting your answers in Gossips' 2014 Historic Detail Hunt is midnight on Friday, June 6--that's a little less than sixty hours from now. If you haven't already begun your search and want to start now, here's what it's all about.

The Historic Detail Hunt is Gossips' observance of National Preservation Month. Every day during the month of May, Gossips published the photograph of an architectural detail found on a building in Hudson. The challenge is to locate the details, identify each one by the address of the building on which it is found, and submit your answers electronically to Gossips. Click here for a downloadable list of all thirty-one details.
  • The first person (or team) to submit a list--identifying all  thirty-one details correctly--wins a $50 gift certificate from the Red Dot.
  • The next three people (or teams) to identify all the details correctly will receive a gift certificate from Look, Olde Hudson, or Park Falafel & Pizza.
  • Everyone else who submits their answers before midnight on Friday and identifies at least sixteen of the thirty-one details correctly will receive "consolation cookies" from Trixie's Oven.
The prizes, of course, are in addition to the real reward: recognition and praise on Gossips and the respect and admiration of your friends and neighbors.

Is it possible to find thirty-one architectural details in less than sixty hours in a city with an area of about two square miles? It's worth a try. Obviously, time is of the essence. The big prizes go to the people who get their answers in first, but consolation cookies are within everyone's grasp.


  1. So far I know I'm getting some really good cookies

  2. Pity I am not in the hood to participate in the competition. :( Assuming this is an annual game, the way to game the game of course is to take pics of every interesting detail that you see as you perambulate about the city, and archive them, and then next year, you just need to match up the photos, without ever going outside, and voila - you win!

    What a grand idea you had here Carole. Kudos.