Friday, June 27, 2014

Damage from the Storm

The Register-Star today features a photo of efforts to assess and repair the damage brought by Wednesday night's storm "at the corner of south 4th and Allen Streets in Hudson": "Rain wreaks havoc on storm drains." Some clarification is needed for those who know that South Fourth Street and Allen Street do not intersect. 

The actual site of the problem was on East Court Street, where it is met by East Allen Street--right alongside the Columbia County Courthouse. This morning, a crew from the Department of Public Works was back on the scene working to repair what was reported to be a "huge hole" in the water main.

As a consequence of the heavy rain overwhelming the combined sewer system and the failed main, the ground floors of the five town houses on East Court Street were flooded with from four to five feet of storm water and sewage.

The owner of one of the houses told Gossips, "We had about four feet of storm water/sewer, literally destroying our ground floor." The office of attorney Jonathan Cohen is located on the ground floor of another of the buildings in that row. This morning, in addition to DPW trucks, the bright green truck of a water damage restoration service was also parked on the street.

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  1. It would be nice if the city could notify those affected by this damage. Especially those that don't live here full time.