Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hallenbeck Calls for Drug Testing

In a press release reportedly issued late yesterday afternoon, Mayor William Hallenbeck called for all appointed and elected City employees to join him in becoming part of a random drug testing program. Such testing is now mandatory for City employees who are members of CSEA, the civil service employees union. It seems Hallenbeck was inspired to make this declaration because an 80-year-old woman who works for the City selling trash bags was recently required to submit to drug testing. "From the mayor on down, all employees should equally be held to the same standard. . . . I encourage the rest of the appointed and elected employees working for the city of Hudson to join me in leading by example." John Mason has the whole story in today's Register-Star: "Mayor wants across-the-board drug testing."


  1. Rumor has it that if anyone tests dirty the Mayor will send in a SWAT team, put up a fence and close the entire department.

  2. Joe,There has to be some new sign contracts in there as well.

  3. Hudson . Sister city to Toronto .

  4. "Gosh dern it" I want all them folks down dare to take a THUG TEST and while there at it hows about one of dem IQ TESTS