Sunday, June 29, 2014

Raves for Rurbanism

The term coined by Ann Marie Gardner of Modern Farmer and popularized by the New York Times in an article subtitled "Enter the Tastemakers" is the theme of a piece about Hudson in the June/July issue of The Somm Journal, "the essential guide for wine professionals." Unfortunately, the article, written by David Lincoln Ross and entitled "A Savory Revival in Hudson, New York: Discovering a 'Rurban' Food-and-Drink Scene Driven by Ex-Gothamites," is not included in magazine's online content, but Gossips will quote a bit of it. 

It begins this way . . .  
Look beyond the storefront menus displayed on Warren Street restaurants in the emerging food-and-drink hub of Hudson, New York, located 115 miles north of Manhattan, and you will find chefs, somms and bartenders who left their big city careers happily behind. 
What's driving this newest exodus from city to suburb? The much talked about "rurbanism" movement in which urban expats transport not only their cultural preferences, but their culinary ones, too.
and ends this way . . . 
Taken together, these former city chefs, countrified cocktailians and 21st-century farmers and ranchers have transformed the former whaling port on the Hudson River into a thriving culinary and drinks destination.
and in between talks about Zak Pelaccio and Jori Emde of Fish & Game--and also Fish & Game's mixologist, Kat Dunn--Jeff Gimmel and Nina Bashinsky-Gimmel of Swoon Kitchenbar, and John McCarthy of The Crimson Sparrow.

The photo accompanying this post, which was picked up from the article in The Somm Journal, is by Christian Giannelli and was taken for The Barlow Hotel.

Thanks to Lewis Dimm for bringing this to Gossips' attention

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