Sunday, June 1, 2014

We've Got Gardens, Right Here in River City

Since half its garden was sold to Habitat for Humanity to become the site of two more passive houses, Hudson Urban Garden has been seeking alternative sites for the gardeners who grew vegetables at Columbia and Second streets. A happy outcome of their search is a collaboration with Kite's Nest, Sweet Freedom Farm, Staley B. Keith Social Justice Center, and Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood to develop a new urban garden outside the lone surviving Hudson River Knitting Mills building on North Front Street. On Sunday afternoon, the new collaborative effort held its first work party and potluck cookout to launch the new garden, which has been dubbed River City Community Garden.

HUG co-director Vanessa Baehr and Desi


  1. A way better place!

    There's definitely room for ALL in the North Dock neighborhood (except for garden-munching animals).

    Whatever North Dock will become, no one can guess, and that includes City Hall.

    I think it's all pretty damned interesting.

    Meanwhile the Furgary dock is up and running again, but where's Malloy? I'll make some inquiries.

    1. The redistribution of wharf, making "room for all" regardless of effort, generates the "Arenskjold Effect".
      When tax dollars are used everyone wants their share. The end result is less use and Moore's tax.

  2. This is great news. They got on with it despite all the hassle, and found an excellent site.

    I still believe their eviction from Columbia Street was an injustice, but that's my cross the bear, not theirs.

  3. "Full enjoyment" of public use lands, now how is the wharf any different?

  4. Has anyone tested the soil?
    I do believe that it is Hudson landfill site & also the former location of X-tyal.