Thursday, June 12, 2014

More News About Fine Wines & Spirits

Fine Wines & Spirits, part of the alcohol emporium at 40 Green Street, is closed now, because on June 3, 2014, the New York State Liquor Authority revoked its liquor license.

You can watch a video of the proceedings here. There is reference to a previous hearing in which charges brought against the business were sustained, although it is not explained what the charges were. At one point in the discussion, Dennis Rosen, chair of the State Liquor Authority Board of Commissioners, concludes, "You submitted a fraudulent application." The attorney representing the owner of record, Aanal Patel, objects that it wasn't he who submitted the application but rather Harbalwant Singh, who was representing Patel at the time. At which point Rosen comments, "We'll be looking at Mr. Singh's activities a little closer." 

Harbalwant Singh, of course, is the developer of Greenport Crossings on Route 66, the giant gas station cum convenience store cum A & W cum liquor store and, still to come, "family entertainment center" (in what remains of the old V & O building) and Comfort Suites motel. Sam Pratt published this picture of the sign at the twelve-pump gas station on his blog this morning.

The pumps at the twelve-pump station are condoned off with yellow caution tape and the Food Mart remains closed as a consequence of a fire at the end of April which was determined to have been started by an employee.


  1. Speaking to quite a few people in Greenport in the winter, I was told that the family entertainment center and Comfort Suites Hotel will probably never happen. Even the owner told me all that that was on the back burner with no forecast start date.

  2. it all sounded like a scam right from the beginning.