Sunday, June 15, 2014

"Kids Will Save the World!"

Gossips arrived at the Kite's Nest Expo this afternoon just in time to hear the last short story--a harrowing and well-crafted apocalyptic tale told in the first person--read by its author . . .

take a picture of children enjoying the creation of an earlier workshop . . .

admire the completely handcrafted ceramic tableware . . .

review the comics and choose a favorite: a young vegetarian coming out to his parents . . .

learn about "Geographies of Stuff" . . .

and follow the journey of plastic from the natural resources used to create it to the trash it becomes that will outlive us all . . .

before the parade to River City Garden was ready to step off.

Gossips managed to get ahead of the parade and was waiting for it at Allen Street. As the marchers approached, a vanguard of boys on bicycles sounded the warning, "An anarchist parade is coming!"

When the parade reached the other side of town, the marchers in the lead were chanting, "Kids will save the world!"

At the end of the march, everyone enjoyed lemonade, watermelon, and strawberries, and staked out the garden markers they'd carried with them across town.

Gossips came away thinking these kids just may save the world. The frightening truth is they're going to have to.


  1. I asked a few HBB (Hudson By Birth) folks if they would eat anything from the comm. garden located on N. Front near Dock St.
    Everyone said NO. Each is very concerned that the soli may contain chemicals, etc. from the former XTYAL Plant located nearby years ago & that it was also a landfill site for Hudson.
    Therefore I'm wondering if anyone else has brought same to GORT attention or if soil testing was taken prior to planting or selection of garden location?

  2. Why would the city fill the Riverloft property with sediment dug from the tidal stream that empties behind the DPW???

    To receive stimulus dollars of course...

    Rick the flip would sell Nancy and the ever "docent" Dems are willing to have kids plant radioactive radishes for "free" grant money.

    Fifteen million dollars in stimulus and what do we have to show for it? Rick's Refrigerator, leaky sewers and Billy's radioactive garden.