Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dog Tales: A Sad Anniversary

It was almost a year ago that my beloved William suffered his first episode of old dog vestibular disease, which changed both our lives. That morning, when I woke up to find him--head tilted, panting, and barely able to stand--I was convinced I was losing him, suddenly and without warning. Mercifully, I didn't lose him that morning, but I have been losing him ever since, slowly and inexorably. In the shadow of death, we celebrate everything--walks that take us beyond our block, the return of significant events in our year: his birthday, the reopening of Lick for the season, the glorious days of June.

Today marks a sad anniversary for William and me. It was one year ago that William lost his dear friend and favorite date for ice cream, the sweet and beautiful Lucy. It may be a fallacy to attribute human emotions to dogs or to think we understand dogs' emotions, but I believe William misses Lucy still. Her house is on our usual dog walk route, and although these days we don't get that far every day, when we do, William often stops at the door and waits expectantly, as if he thinks at any moment the door will open and Lucy will come bounding out, a smile on her face and her tail wagging.

The picture of William and Lucy was taken three years ago, on their first date for Betsy's Bow Wow at Lick. What a difference three years can make.

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  1. many thanks carole! such a bittersweet day. long live william!