Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Some History of the 700 Block

Yesterday, after Gossips reported on the plans for the Warren Inn and included a photograph of the building when it was the Warren Theater, Bruce Mitchinson, whose father was the projectionist at the theater, sent two more pictures of the building, taken in 1938 and 1939.

Just west of the theater in both pictures is the original Columbia Diner, which opened in 1935.  

In 1946, when the new Columbia Diner--now the location of Grazin'--opened a few doors down the block, this building was moved out to the corner of Routes 66 and 9H and became the Brick Tavern Crossroads. Neither the original diner building nor the Brick Tavern survives today.

Historic information about the diner building comes from the Grazin' Diner website

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  1. Thank you, Bruce Mitchinson. Great photographs. I have only seen in the past the one Lisa Durfee discovered,that Gossip posted earlier. I have never seen the top half or the entirety of the building.,looked like originally.It's a wonderful building.Seeing it's clean symmetry ,it now all makes sense. I hope the current architect doing the new renovation, is inspired by seeing these. Thanks Gossips for posting and covering this story.I am so curious what colors the 2 to 3 different tones on facade were and would love to know what the interior looked liked. Plus, the bonus shot of the diner and the street light and cars, is really nice.