Monday, January 22, 2018

Astrology and The Gossips of Rivertown

Last night, A. T. (Tad) Mann, astrologer, author, and neighbor, dropped by the Gossips anniversary celebration at the Red Dot. In the course of conversation, he shared the observation that January 20 was good day for an enterprise like Gossips to have begun, because it was the first day of Aquarius. He offered to do a chart for The Gossips of Rivertown if I would tell him the exact time of day when the first post was published. I gave him the time this morning10:06 a.m. This afternoon, he presented me with the Gossips chart and an interpretation.

Here is the chart of Gossips of Rivertown for January 20, 2010. It is a perfect chart for you and what you do.
It has Sun at 0˚Aquarius conjunct Venus, showing an idealistic venture founded by a woman, and the qualities described by Aquarius are: Good powers of observation, adaptability, wealth of plans, sudden action at the right moment, sociability, a readiness to help others, networking.
At the Midheaven it has Mercury (communication, self-expression, intelligence) conjunct Pluto (public affairs, government, politicians) and together they indicate gossip, suggestion and persuasion, attaining public recognition.
The Moon (feelings, emotion, nurturing) is conjunct Uranus (sudden change, technology, change) in Pisces (water, towns, flow, rivers) and the combination shows good powers of observation, monitoring movements, speaking for the public.
The Aries Ascendant is spontaneous, outspoken, first to the story, and opposite Saturn in Libra is sober, thoughtful, historical, and the attempt to be objective.
You chose a terrific chart for Gossips of Rivertown.
Thank you, Tad Mann, for this astrological validation of The Gossips of Rivertown!


  1. Love Tadd ! We are so fortunate to have him living here in our midst .

  2. Congratulations, Carole, on your anniversary, and that stars have confirmed what we already knew.