Saturday, January 6, 2018

Ear to the Ground

The word on the street is that Sarah and Aaron Dibben, who provided the coffee part of Moto Coffee Machine, are moving up the street to Warren and Seventh, where Lick is located. Since the Dibbens' first enterprise in Hudson was called Swallow, I was hoping for a new business with a name that combined two imperatives: Lick & Swallow. But no. The new business is to be called Supernatural Coffee.



  1. "Lick & Swallow" would be most in vibe with Hudson.

    Its a loss for the 300 block and the par of Warren not in "ground zero" for certain.

  2. Clarification (or correction):

    The move is a temporary one while Aaron and Sarah prepare their new space TBA

    The Dibbens are no longer associated with the DBA Swallow, so maybe we can retire the pun; its so 2012.

    Lick is technically “Lick Ice Cream,” making the phrase a little less nafarious, rather more instructional, and still moot.

  3. Haha, Lick and Swallow would most certainly have been a provocative moniker for a new business. Maybe it's a good thing that they passed it up.

  4. While it is indeed moot, the prospect of Look, Lick and Swallow on the same block amuses me.