Tuesday, January 30, 2018

News of the Hudson Housing Authority

In December, Gossips reported on the Hudson Housing Authority's plan to build forty units of senior housing across State Street from Bliss Towers. At that time, Timothy Mattice, executive director of HHA, said he expected the RFP (request for proposals) to be ready by the end of December and proposals would be in by the end of January.

Today, the Register-Star reports on the status of HHA's development plans: "Hudson Housing Authority seeks co-developer for Bliss Towers revitalization." HHA is pursuing two projects: the "rehabilitation of redevelopment" of Bliss Towers, and the construction of a 40 to 50 unit "low rise structure with units ranging from one to four bedrooms for mixed-income residents." The new structure, originally described as senior housing, is now expected to accommodate "seniors, families on fixed incomes, families working low-paying jobs or professionals in entry-level positions." Qualifications and proposals from developers are due by the end of March. 


  1. Not speaking for the Task Force here, but this is a win-win for Hudson. If we can get the Youth Center incorporated into the plans, it would be a win-win-win.

    1. Because all the youth live in subsidized housing? or live in the lower 2nd ward or should play around subsidized housing? Not clearly seeing the connection of siting the Youth Center there.

    2. When I was on the board of the Boys & Girls Club back in the early aughts, it was clear to me then that the building that had been the home of the Club (and is now the Youth Center) since the 1930s had outlived its usefulness: a) it needed lots of renovations, b) the location was now in the central business district, c) all the kids coming to the Club lived in and around the high rise, and d) the traffic in the vicinity was dangerous for the kids. That was 15 years ago; all of those facts are even more obvious today.

    3. Does that mean the new Youth Center needs to be part of the Hudson Housing Authority proposal? Of course not. But it would certainly be natural part of their project, partnering with the City, etc. Lots of potential here.

  2. Hopefully there will be some decent design standards applied, so we don't end up with public housing that looks like Romania, circa 1961.

  3. I wish the HHA and the taxpayers great success with a planned residency of people with different levels of income.
    Why not leave the North by Northwest section of Hudson to the poor, seniors and people of color as it exists today. Why change 50 years of history.