Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Planning Board: Vacancies and Appointments

Yesterday, there was an article in the Times Union about the chair of the South Glens Falls Planning Board, who cited the Biblical story of Adam and Eve to support his demand that the mayor appoint a man to fill a vacancy on the Planning Board: "Bible cited as reason to put man on S. Glens Falls planning board." Fortunately, our mayor has no such gender preferences placed on him in filling the three vacancies on our Planning Board, caused by the departure, for different reasons, of Tom DePietro, Carmine Pierro, and Amy Lavine.

To date, Mayor Rick Rector has appointed Betsy Gramkow, who now serves on the DRI Local Planning Committee, to fill one of the vacancies, and has named Walter Chatham, who was appointed to the Planning Board last fall by Mayor Tiffany Martin Hamilton, to succeed DePietro as chair. That leaves two vacancies on the board, but there are enough members to constitute a quorum, and tomorrow night's meeting is expected to go forward as planned, although there is no word about what might be on the agenda for the meeting.

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