Friday, January 12, 2018

Take the Plunge--Right Here in Hudson

Searching the internet for a picture to accompany this post, I found this one on Mashable, which pretty much captures my reaction to the thought of plunging into a frozen lake in the dead of winter.

Photo: Andrew Vaughan|The Canadian Press via AP
My opinion aside, the Hudson Fire Department and the Hudson Center Department are counting on other Hudsonians--younger, heartier Hudsonians--not finding the idea so repugnant, because on Saturday, February 24, they are staging the first ever Hudson Polar Plunge. At 11 a.m. on that day, participants will propel themselves into the icy waters of Oakdale Lake to raise money for the Youth Department and for the Fire Department's Water Rescue Team. Major sponsors of the event are the Hudson Sloop Club and Columbia Memorial Health.

You have six weeks to work up your courage, increase your BMI, do whatever you need to do to get ready to take the plunge. As a reward for the brave or an incentive, there's an after party at the Elks Lodge. Visit to learn more about this first ever Hudson event. 

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  1. Finally, a civilized polar bear plunge -- the end of February! That's almost summer!!!