Sunday, April 18, 2010

Galloway Gallery: Exhibit 2

This is Eric Galloway's own house: 345 Allen Street. He purchased the main house in 2001 for $475,000. He acquired the carriage house a few years later.

Galloway changed the style of the house from Colonial Revival to Greek Revival. I recall hearing, at the time of the transformation, that he had unearthed alternative plans for the house—plans presumably that had been rejected in favor of the ones that were used—showing a two-story columned portico similar to the one he had built.

It was rumored at the time—a rumor that has been discredited—that the columns for the Greek Revival portico had been salvaged from the Catskill Mountain House. The columns had previously been on a house in Claverack sometimes known as the "Marilyn Monroe house." The columns from the demolished Colonial Revival porch at 345 Allen were reused to build a pergola in the backyard.


  1. Carole,
    I'd like to end one rumor to start another.
    As you probably know I in fact have what has been loosely termed the last four columns left standing from the Catskill Mtn. House before New York State torched it.
    The scale of the place was monumental so it could be readily seen from the Hudson River. My columns measure 27" diameter at the base. Galloways columns measure 18" at the base. I don't believe his columns actually existed at the Mtn. House considering their scale and that only four were still in existence - the four I have.
    I would suggest Galloways columns originally were the portico at Lindenwald - removed and reinstalled in Claverack - then removed yet again and are Galloways portico.

  2. Carole, I need to correct a few points, and wonder why you even feel it news worthy to post about Eric's own house. First, the house was originally built in the 1830's, in Greek Revival style, and then redone and vastly expanded in 1902. It preserves all of its original details with black marble Greek Revival mantels of very fine quality.
    The columns are not those from the Marilyn Monroe house, but come from the South somewhere. We need to put that rumor to bed, it simply is not true.
    I was told that the current grand portico was in an alternate plan, but I have never seen that plan.
    For what it is worth,
    Tom Swope

  3. Tom,

    I'm confused over your thoughts about the columns not coming from Claverack. They were on the front lawn - for sale - when sold - four identical columns immediately appeared in Erics' possession.

    Coincidence ?

  4. I responded to Tom Swope's comment, which he had trouble posting on the site, in an email and then decided to share it with everyone.

    My point in posting about Galloway's own house--indeed about all the properties that Eric Galloway currently owns or has owned in Hudson--is simply to give readers a sense of the impact Eric Galloway is having on our city. Frankly, the idea that the columns on his house came from someplace in the South is more disturbing than the notion that the columns have been recycling around the Hudson Valley for a few decades. Galloway is altering the architectural heritage of Hudson--rewriting our architectural history on a grand scale, imposing his personal tastes on an enormous number of Hudson properties, and replacing what's authentic with something that is a fabrication.

  5. I guess when you spend your money on properties you should have the right to do what you want. I like the column look. Reminds me of Charleston,SC

  6. I agree with Anonymous, even though Galloway's trademark columns are offensive to me in all his buildings.

  7. But then he went and removed two delicious columned and marble porticos from his building on the corner of 2nd & Warren - go figure .

  8. - I love the whole look and feel of this property - every new/old construction (in their repective day) has typically been composed of new and old - people as a whole have and always will reconstruct the landscape of this world - better or worse is in the eyes of the be-holder - Hudson's orignal owners probably didn't expect a bunch of Europeans to invade their lands and chop down their trees - but we learn to live and let live - I say don't forget where we REALLY come from -

  9. I have worked on that house. I did the steam cleaning cutting and brick pointing alliteration the house including chimneys. The columns and the Greek style gable was being built while we were working there. Kevin walker was the supervisor. Once we were finished this whole house turned out outstanding.