Sunday, April 4, 2010

Remembrance of Things Lost

Yesterday I had a chat with Vladimir Bashinsky outside the new shop that his wife, Olenka, opened recently on Fourth Street just behind Face Stockholm. We talked a bit about urban gardening--both expressing our admiration for Olenka's talent and determination--and about what it takes for a tree to survive and flourish on the streets of Hudson. Vladimir mentioned the ornamental trees that Olenka planted years ago along the Union Street side of the parking lot at Harmon's, back when Vladimir and Olenka owned the house and the other buildings on the northwest corner of Union and Third streets. He recalled that, when digging the holes for the trees, he came upon stones from the foundation of the house that once stood there.

Since Vladimir said he had never seen a picture of the house, which was demolished, I believe, in the 1970s, it occurred to me to publish a picture of the missing house here. The picture is part of Historic Hudson's Rowles Studio Collection and was included in Byrne Fone's book Historic Hudson: An Architectural Portrait.

Here's the corner today--with Olenka's trees bordering the parking lot.


  1. Great Building. Hope you don't mind I've added this picture to my collection at the Sepiatown website. You can click/on the "Then/Now" link above the map to see a current Google Streetview, since this building is on the 9G truck route.
    Thanks, Carole

  2. Oh my, what Hudson has lost. Hope Historic Hudson and the Preservation Commission continue to advocate that buildings not
    be torn down. (Especially the latter).