Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On the Waterfront

There's a persistent rumor that this waterfront building--the last of the Bentley Meeker buildings, referred to by some as "River Lofts"--is soon to be sold, or may already have been sold, to someone who wants to demolish it to make way for new construction. The City--in the form of Hudson Development Corporation (HDC)--took ownership of the building a few months ago.

Tonight I went to the Common Council Economic Development Committee meeting and listened to HDC Executive Director Peter Markou talk about the possibility of rehabbing the building and turning it into a small business incubator. He spoke with enthusiasm and awe about the building's construction and declared, "It would be criminal to tear that building down."

After the meeting, I asked Markou about the rumor that the building was being sold. He told me that there had been no real interest in buying the building because its assessed value--$500,000--was also the asking price, and he assured me that, even if it were to be sold, it would be sold with deed restrictions to prevent its demolition. "That building," he said, "will be demolished over my dead body."


  1. $500K is a mighty ambitious asking price for that structure in its present condition. The City should ask a reasonable price, and get a responsible buyer who will make the most of it.

  2. I am happy you received an answer about the rumor of tearing it down but it seems you could have asked the mayor or Mr. Markou awhile back but then again it wouldn't have been a story. The City should not sell it for less. That is a valuable location a it sell for that much and more.