Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This Just In

The Lantern Organization has cancelled their scheduled appearance before the Planning Commission tonight. It seems they have decided, after Monday's meeting, that they need to reconsider their proposal--the configuration of the project and/or the location.


  1. I suspect the Lantern Group will re-formulate by offering to have more security staff present in the building. As far as I'm concerned, it's still a lousy idea, and I wouldn't support the project at 4th & Columbia, either.
    Stacking up a bunch of guys with issues in a building doesn't make any sense, and shifting it from Warren St. and putting it in the minority ward is offensive.

  2. Word on the street has it that the Lantern Group has been burning the midnight oil trying to locate the "research [and] statistics that show housing of this kind increases the property value and development of communities" (Register Star, April 13, 2010).

    T. O'Connor

  3. Even though the Lantern project is on hold, I went on a little field trip this evening that I'd been planning to do...

    I am a Hudson part-timer (sadly, sigh) and the other part of my time is spent in Brooklyn. So I'd been wanting to check out a Lantern building fairly near to where I live: Clover Hall, 333 Kosciuszko Street.

    I only did a drive by, to see the neighborhood, the building, who was around. The building looks just like the architectural rendering on the Lantern website-- blond brick, lots of windows, new, clean. It is next to a large apartment building that is a stand-out for its modern design. Across the street is a school (PS 25 if memory serves) and a huge lot currently under construction-- looks like a big apartment complex going up. It was interesting that there was so much new construction on this one block-- tells me there were either vacant lots or many homes were torn down to make way. Most of the immediate area is townhouses; a few blocks away are stately brownstones.

    There was only one person outside the building, a man standing along the fence in front. It was about 7pm. The neighborhood as a whole is typical of some Brooklyn/City areas: a lot of people on the streets kind of just hanging out. And whether or not this is of note: there was one pedestrian/uniformed police officer on patrol at the corner of Throop and Kosciuszko, the cross-streets at Clover Hall.

    Not that any of this pertains to 5th and Warren and what could (have) happen(ed) there (hope is in parentheses!), but as I said, I'd been wanting to check it out while things were brewing in Hudson. I was a bit late, but hopefully we've dodged a bullet. Thanks to all of you who attended Monday's meeting and voiced concern.