Sunday, April 18, 2010

Talk About Bad Reporting

Robert Lachman's article in this morning's Register-Star takes the cake: "History tour visits Hudson."

I said nothing like the words he attributes to me--in quotes, no less. Not only did he get the dates wrong, he totally missed the gist of my remarks. I didn't talk about the history of the Hudson Opera House. Gary Schiro did that. I talked about historic preservation in Hudson and the evolution of Historic Hudson. Click here for the transcript.

Fortunately, he got what Roberta Lane of the National Trust had to say about Hudson right: “From the Opera House, to the library, to the Plumb-Bronson House, Olana, and the revitalization of Warren Street, the power of historic preservation is in full force in the city. Our organization has been deeply impressed over the years by the accomplishments of Historic Hudson and the city’s other preservation advocates in protecting the community’s rich historic character and vibrancy.”

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  1. Like the farmer in Stuyvesant pictured on the newspaper's front page last week, I have learned never to give my name to the Register Star.