Wednesday, April 28, 2010

On the Waterfront Last Week

Chad Weckler just sent me this picture, taken last week, of the former Bentley Meeker building (a.k.a. River Lofts) at the corner of Dock and North Front streets. It gives a much better sense of the building, unobstructed by old fencing and piles of rubbish, and shows just how handsome it is.


    This is a link to one of my interior pictures taken in November.
    The clerestory windows and staircases are in remarkably good condition. The whole building, really.... According to my note there on the flickr page the man I spoke to told me they'd be tearing it down this year, but seemed to agree with me it would be a horrible shame.

  2. Wow! Great picture, Lisa. Thank you!

  3. The sad thing about our community is the huge gap in the perception of the value of that building. The old Greenport School, which I find a real architectural gem (built in 1926), was described by a school board colleague as "a piece of junk." I'm sure there are many people in this community who see this building in the say way -- after all, they've already torn down the sister ship, which was equally beautiful. I wish everyone could see this as "worth saving," but, unfortunately, we have to wage a political fight. Thanks, Carole, for leading the way!

  4. by the way Carole, thank the Mayor and Peter Markou when you see them. They not only saved the building but managed to work a deal out to receive those lands at no cost to the city. Nice job guys in case Carole or Peter M fails to acknowlege what you accomplished.

  5. Thanks to a little Google I found/read Carole's blog piece from November and the December Register Star article. As a creative person I see this building as a "OMG moment"; a perfect building and in a perfect location. I think it fits perfectly within the LWRP for Hudson. Unfortunately it looks like the Mayor may as well be called the "Demolition Mayor". Anyway, can't the Alderman from that ward take the charge and do all they can to protect this important valuable asset? BTW, the image I took was on 4/22.

  6. I agreed with anonymous (at 7:36), at least up to the point that they stated: "Nice job guys in case Carole or Peter M fails to acknowlege [sic] what you accomplished."

    You are talking about fellow citizens. I haven't met one of the parties, but I know that they're just Hudsonians like you and me.

    You lost my support after that. Get your own blog.

    T. O'Connor