Thursday, April 15, 2010


At Monday's Common Council meeting, several people suggested that the project being proposed by the Lantern Organization should be sited not at Fifth and Warren but on some other property owned by Eric Galloway. A reader suggested that The Gossips of Rivertown publish a list of properties owned by Galloway, his LLCs, and NFP. So here's the list I got from the City Assessor this morning.

Eric Galloway
345 Allen Street
345 Allen Street (carriage house)
620-624 State Street

The Lantern Group
25 N. Fourth Street (the corner of Fourth and Columbia)

The Galvan Group
209-211 Union Street (the birthplace of General Worth)
317½ Warren Street
412-416 Warren Street (the C. H. Evans mansion)
449 Warren Street
455-457 Warren Street
459 Warren Street (This and the previous two parcels make up the Fifth and Warren site.)
618 State Street (rear)

Hudson Preservation Group
202-204 Warren Street (the former Brousseau Apartments)
12 N. Second Street
14 S. First Street (existing house and vacant lot at First and Union)
215 Union Street (vacant lot)
217-219 Union Street (vacant lot)
216 Partition Street (adjacent to Union Street parcels)
34-36 S. Second Street
260 Warren Street
[no number] N. Third Street
354-356 Union Street
61-63 N. Seventh Street

It is generally thought that Eric Galloway also owns 501-505 Union Street, the former "Apartments of Distinction" building on the corner of Fifth and Union, but the 2009 tax rolls, which can be accessed online, show a different owner.


  1. I believe he does once again own the "apartments of distinction" as he had to foreclose on its former owner, who bought it from him.

  2. This totals approximately 20 properties - far cry from the rumored 50 - 80 I've heard about.

    So Gellert must still be the largest property owner in Hudson - or a close tie.

  3. Actually, Vince, since Tom has confirmed that "Apartments of Distinction" belongs to Galloway, he's ahead by 6. Gellert is now down to 17 properties, according to the 2009 tax rolls--unless he too is operating under several different names. But this doesn't take into consideration the number of properties upon which Eric Galloway has left his mark, which Gossips will be considering in future posts.

  4. LOVED the title to this post. At first it didn't register, but as I read down the list I kept thinking, "He's a regular Mr. Potter!"

  5. So we've gone from Gellert to Galloway -- slums of distinction. What does this say about the intractability of Hudson's poverty? I can answer that: too many incentives that take care of (and enable) it. I hate the term "root causes," but on this subject it certainly bears mentioning that good schools would not only help break the cycle of poverty in families that perpetuate it, they would attract new, more prosperous families to the community. A two-fer. But we have to start saying NO to all the poverty-enhancing grants dangled in front of us.


  6. As if in answer to the alleged "fear" of Greenport residents (see Gossips comment thread for 4/11), today's Register Star presents the actual text of the Greenport Town Board's decision in a case not dissimilar, for our purposes, to Lantern's "Starboard" proposal.

    Are the following considerations not reasonable enough to our self-described "pollyanna"?

    "[The Greenport Town Board authorized the Town Supervisor to write a letter stating, in part]: 'Upon a preliminary review it would appear that 24, 26, 28 and 30 Arthur Avenue are not suitable sites for the establishment of certified apartment treatment beds. ...

    'The addition of up to 12 adult homes in a neighborhood full of children of all ages will drastically change the make-up of this single-family area ...'

    "The letter goes on to state that there are three other residential facilities within a mile of the proposed site and the town believes that adding additional sites will substantially alter the 'nature and character of the areas ...' The letter also states that the board is willing to work with the Mental Health Association to find one or more suitable sites within its jurisdiction to accommodate such a facility."