Friday, January 14, 2011

Another House Demolished in Hudson

A house was demolished today on Robinson Street. It was on the list of buildings that Fourth Ward Supervisor Bill Hughes had identified as "demolishable" to make way for the new units needed to replace Bliss Towers, but the demolition of the building today seems to have no connection with that project. Rumor has it that the house may have been razed to allow an adjacent house to have a garden.

Photographs by John Peterson and Peter Frank   


  1. Life in Hudson.... Remember the Chicken Shack!


  2. I was interested in purchasing this property a year back but it had sold!
    The interior was solid and intact. It was the exterior that gave the illusion of despair.
    The rooms and back sheds and staircases were wonderful examples of old Hudson growth.
    This is a real shame and a stupid loss.

  3. I would hope that the entity that decided to demolish went through the entire property to establish what has "historically' worthy saving. That means not what you think, but someone "who knows", thinks. It's like Antiques Roadshow... you have a reproduction worth $100... or, did you know this could be worth $50K?

    Or you could simply donate/recycle items which still has benefits. Habitat for Humanity could use a door, wood frames to make picture frames, bricks from a chimney for a walkway, flooring can be reused as flooring, a faucet is a sculpture detail, ... you have a home within a community. You have a responsibility.

  4. Early six over six windows, an interior clean as a pin, two huge floors with high ceilings, structurally straight and strong, beautiful side yard and barn - needing a upgraded heating system and new siding (what you see is tar paper covering the clapboard) all for $45 K !

    Bill Hughes identified this as "demolishable???"

  5. Was it listed on the multiple listings? $45,000 sounds like a reasonable price. Too bad we didn't know.

  6. yes - and a real estate brokers sign on the front - I heard about it from a neighbor - that was the asking price but I was too late