Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More About the Dock

Even though Holcim has acknowledged that the first income and expense statement they submitted was for a different property, today's Register-Star reports that Holcim is still claiming that they realize no income from the dock or all the gravel-hauling activity that Hudson is subjected to every day: "Holcim maintains: no income from dock." The article quotes a recent letter from Holcim attorney Bruce J. Stavitsky: “I have been advised by Holcim US Inc. that in regard to its property in Hudson, New York, there is no rental income realized by this location. O&G reimburses Holcim for all property taxes assessed to Holcim for this site." 

Poor Holcim. Someone should relieve them of this woefully unproductive possession.  


  1. I'd like to think that Holcim's obnoxious behavior over the years would provoke our City officials to finally recognize that maybe they ought to stop prostrating themselves at the feet of this nasty foreign corporation. But I'm not holding out much hope-- if we are going to prevent our waterfront from becoming an industrial hellhole, the citizens are going to have to do all the work themselves.

  2. Funny definition of "income" they've got there.

    If someone owns an apartment building, and uses the rents collected to pay the property taxes, that's not a reimbursement. It's income. At least as far as the I.R.S. is concerned.

    --Sam P.