Friday, January 21, 2011

Hudson from Helicopter

Tad Mann took this photograph of Hudson's waterfront from a helicopter. At the center of the picture is the Holcim dock. The photo provides an interesting vantage point from which to contemplate what, in an ideal world, our waterfront could be. Click here for a larger version of the photo. 


  1. Great pic to imagine from.
    The whole area is so small for such a large city.
    Hudsons present park is just a tiny piece.
    The complete stretch should be a welcome open door from the river to the town and visa versa !

    It's just all too obvious.

  2. Yet one more comment, actually a quote that I just think sums it up:

    "you don't need eyes to see, you need vision"

    of course that now reminds me of my fathers two fav sayings:

    "some have eyes yet cannot see"
    "he who hesitates is lost"

  3. This photo really shows it. It should be blown up and pasted all over town with the message 'Hudson should own this Waterfront'.