Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Way the News Was Once Reported

These intriguing news items, reported in consecutive paragraphs in a single column, appeared in the Daily Register for August 17, 1898--evidence that Hudson has always been a happening place.  

It is stated that Peter Malone, the man who was assaulted by Thomas Fahey on Diamond street, Monday evening, cannot recover. The news is received everywhere with unfeigned sorrow. Mr. Fahey, who in a moment of passion struck Mr. Malone, has always been highly respected and has always borne an excellent reputation, and his many friends sympathetize with him in the trouble in which his rashness has placed him.

During the storm last evening, lightning struck the Harder mill and did slight damage in the drying room. The bolt started a small fire which was extinguished by a few pails full of water.

A straw ride party that started to visit Robert Clum at Clermont last evening called on Mr. Clum at 3 o'clock this morning. The driver lost his way. He got the party back into Hudson at 8 o'clock this morning.

"Mary and I Go To Europe" by A. Piller, doctor (Dr. H. Lyle Smith) is in the hands of a local publisher and will be issued by Hendrick Hudson Chapter, D. A. R., for the benefit of the fund being raised for the purpose of erecting a public library building in this city. The book is in Dr. Smith's well known humorous style, and it is asserted that Mark Twain has never done anything its equal.

Arthur Guertin's black bear made its escape from its quarters on Third street this afternoon and furnished amusement for about three hundred people who gathered to witness the capture which was made with difficulty.

A German woman, who is constantly in trouble with an Italian neighbor, created a sensation by tearfully rehearsing her woes on Warren street this morning. As usual the Italian had doused her with a bucket full of water. There is a sameness to the proceedings and the woman's tale that is making both tiresome.

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