Thursday, January 6, 2011

Well, Duh . . .

The Register-Star reports today that Holcim attorney Bruce J.  Stavitsky has explained that the income and expense statement submitted in connection with grieving the assessment on the dock in Hudson, the one that indicated no income and expenses for office supplies, electricity, computers, heating and cooling, was for "another property": "Holcim: Wrong income, expenses letter sent to city." Although the other location wasn't identified, we can hazard a guess that it's the Holcim office building on Route 9 in Greenport. I wonder if they're grieving their assessment on that property as well and if the Town of Greenport ended up with the income and expense statement for the dock.


  1. it's high time hudson annexed greenport for a variety of reasons....economics being the most important. visitors to the area come to hudson and have no idea they are in greenport. we live in hudson but spend our money in greenport. google greenport and you get the the long island community. google hudson and you get the entire area including greenport.

  2. I think Holcim also generates income from their Rte. property. The County Economic Development Agency is located there, and I assume they pay some rent?