Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting It Right

I got a phone call today from Tim Shook, who took issue with what Gossips reported in "Déjà Vu All Over Again?" His problem was not so much with Gossips as with the Register-Star, whose article, he said, misrepresented the position of Hudson Valley Common Sense. The Register-Star reported--and Gossips repeated--that Shook is "especially interested in Congressman Chris Gibson’s support for locating nuclear power plants north and south of Albany and lauds this as a viable industry for Columbia County." Shook denies that Hudson Valley Common Sense supports nuclear power plants. According to him, his organization's position is expressed by this question: "What's best for the Hudson Valley--green technology or nuclear power plants?" When asked which alternative HVCS favored, Shook said, "We're going to go with what the community wants."    


  1. I'm all for nuclear power plants. I lived happily for years near Indian Point, passed by it on the train every day, and thoroughly enjoyed the lovely electricity in New York City that it provides (25% of the total to be exact).

    Let's get the oil needle out of our arm.

    Columbia County needs something big and productive. This could be it. Go Chris.

  2. It should be noted that the reader who comments as "Samuel" is Jock Spivy not Sam Pratt.

  3. That is funny.

    Yes, I am Samuel O.J. Spivy, aka Jock Spivy. Like Sam Pratt, I am a Yalie, and he and I agree on some things and have very different views about other things. I'll sign my remarks from now on so that there's no doubt about who is in favor of nuclear power and hydro-fracking and who isn't.

    -- Jock Spivy

  4. Thanks, Jock. I thought clarification was necessary. In the same conversation I reported on in this post, Tim Shook asked me about a comment that he said Rick Scalera had made on my blog. Rick Scalera has never, to my knowledge, commented on this blog, but a reader named Rick does, and it was one of his comments that was being attributed to the mayor.