Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Gossips Recommendation

Gossips doesn't typically make movie recommendations, but today is an exception. I saw Argo last night at Fairview Cinema III--our hometown movie house just over the border in Greenport. As you've undoubtedly already heard--Argo is, after all, considered the front runner for an Academy Award for Best Picture--the movie is engaging and suspenseful. The climax inspires white-knuckle tension, even though we know how it turns out, and the denouement recalls that rush of emotion and gratitude we all felt for the Canadians back in 1980 when it was learned that, thanks to them, six Americans who had eluded capture at the American Embassy in Tehran were back home safe.

But the film itself isn't our main reason for recommending the experience. Argo is being shown in the theater at Fairview Cinema III that is newly equipped to show movies in digital format. That enhances the visual equality of the film and makes its power to draw the viewer in even greater. So, if you haven't already seen it, see it now. Argo continues at Fairview Cinema III through Thursday, February 7. Check their website for times.

After you've seen the film, you may want to read this article in Slate by Mark Lijek, who lived the experience and wrote about it in The Houseguests: A Memoir of Canadian Courage and CIA Sorcery.


  1. One more thing about the movie Argo. Argo is up for Best Picture at the Oscars this year and Ben Affleck, the director, isn't even nominated for the Best Director Award. Although so far he's won the Best Director Awards from The Golden Globes, The Critic's Choice and The Director's Guild. What were the Oscar voters thinking when they did the nominations?

  2. It was a great film, but it probably will be snubbed for best picture at the Oscars too, probably edged out by, well, I'll keep my guess confidential, since I've seen all the nominated films.

  3. Just saw the film!

    There's no comparison between the new Fairview Cinema III and the multiplex up the road, with it's distorted sound, blurred images and damaged screens.

    The equipment overhead must be daunting, but I'm sorry multiplex, you're falling way behind on the upkeep.