Thursday, February 21, 2013

Another Step Forward

Hudson's new hotel, The Barlow moved a step closer to being a reality last night. A variance was required for the canopy that will extend from the hotel entrance to the street, and last night the Zoning Board of Appeals held a public hearing on the request. During the hearing, which lasted less than five minutes, Council president Don Moore called the canopy "an elegant solution" and declared his support for the hotel project, and mayor's aide Eugene Shetsky, offered the mayor's support.
During their regular meeting, which followed the public hearing, ZBA members Lisa Kenneally, Kathy Harter, Geeta Cheddie, Mary Ellen Pierro, and Phil Abitabile voted unanimously to grant the variance. ZBA member Russell Gibson, who owns the hotel with Duncan Calhoun, recused himself during the public hearing and for the vote. 

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