Saturday, February 9, 2013

Just Say No

TCI wants to rebuild and expand its plant in Ghent, where electrical transformers, which contain PCBs and other toxins, are dismantled. Last August, the TCI plant burned to the ground in a spectacular fire that created a countywide emergency. If you think TCI has no place in our bucolic county, make your opinion known by signing this petition: STOP TCI FROM REBUILDING AND EXPANDING IN COLUMBIA COUNTY.


  1. NO NO NO

    the sustainability of Columbia County is Agriculture and Tourism

    there is NO need or room for destructive forces available to challenge our most fortunate economic structure

  2. I agree with Vincent 100%
    Criminal negligence is what went on here, prosecuted or not.
    Only by sheer luck were many fatalities avoided

    Then there is the still unknown damage to environment.

    That TCI and it's assoc., will most likely walk away from this unscathed is bad enough
    ..but to even contemplate allowing TCI to rebuild or do anymore business in this County is outrageous.