Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Million Here, A Million There

Nathan Mayberg reports in today's Register-Star that the Hudson City School District may come up $2 million short in their next year's budget: "Hudson school budget has $2M shortfall." HCSD Superintendent Maria Suttmeier is quoted in the article as saying, "We cannot continue to stay in business the way that we have been." Although the meaning of her statement is not entirely clear, it's a sentiment many would share.


  1. Supt. Suttmeier needs to be instantly disabused of the notion that HCSD is a business! Perhaps she misspoke, but that parallel is just insulting to real businesses. The math here is very informative: take the HCSD total annual budget and divide it by the number of students. That's a per unit gross cost. Compare that to surrounding school districts. Why is this so? Why do we settle for this? What is the superintendent, as leader of the school district with, supposedly, the support of the school board, doing about this?

  2. Why do we pay school taxes? Where oh where have my school tax dollars gone? The real victims in all of this is the students. What should Supt. Suttmeier suggest next? Close all the schools because they are not profitable? She needs to get real and do her job in educating students and not worry so much about the bottom dollar.