Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Latest on the Senior Center

Common Council president Don Moore has informed Gossips that the Galvan Foundation has in fact awarded the City a $300,000 grant. The conditions of the grant do not require adherence to the exact specifications in the original bid documents but "just a general adherence to the overall design"--that design being the one familiar to us all, created by architect Jane Smith of Spacesmith.

Moore also explained what makes $300,000 the magic number. Moore told Gossips in an email: "The City has renegotiated the contract for the construction of the Senior Center with a not-to-exceed price of $1,080,000 that will be considered in a Resolution at the Legal Committee meeting tonight. The CDBG [Community Development Block Grant] office is aware of the possibility of additional funding and is taking that award into consideration in determining whether than office will extend its approval for the City to expend the CDBG funds on the Senior Center."

The Legal Committee meets tonight at 6:30 tonight.

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