Thursday, February 7, 2013

An Offer With Strings Attached

The Register-Star reports today that the Galvan Foundation has offered up to $300,000 to help build the senior center but, according to the report, the offer is "contingent upon the project being 'fully consistent with the architectural drawings and specifications' they submitted for the bid on Oct. 19 of last year."

This is a puzzling statement. Who is they? The Galvan Foundation is not a contractor and did not submit a bid which was opened on October 19, 2012 nor did they, to my knowledge, submit an alternative design for the senior center. Also, when the bids received were opened, it was discovered that the lowest bids for general contracting, mechanicals and air conditioning, electrical work, and plumbing totaled $533,240 more than the City had to spend. The amount offered--up to $300,000--is not enough to bridge that gap, particularly when it's not clear if the City still has access to the original $400,000 from the Community Development Block Grant awarded back in 2010. 

Joe Gentile promises that "more information will be posted as it becomes available." Gossips does the same.

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  1. 'They' means the bidder who was awarded the contract, and/or the City who opened the bids last Fall. As long as the project remains consistent with the 19 Oct plans, Galvan's on board for up to $300,000 to help make it happen. In other words, its a way of protecting against "design changes" if people see dollar signs and think they're going to add items to the scope. While the $300,000 may not be enough to single-handedly save the day, its an incredibly generous offer with a minor stipulation that they not be taken advantage of.