Sunday, February 24, 2013

Photoshopping Your Fears

The notion that there could be an elevated conveyor over the railroad tracks inspired a reader to doctor a photograph to show what such a conveyor might look like and send it to Gossips. It's not exactly how I envision it, but who knows? This could be it.


  1. Name the design and angle you envision and let's invite everyone to have a go!

    We should hold a contest:

    Everyone envision the object that the planners of the LWRP were anticipating when they published their zoning for a conveyor system while simultaneously publishing the public's profuse praise for a previous zoning scheme - and this while they were simultaneously claiming that a conveyor scheme was never envisioned for the LWRP!


  2. I'd like to see the Register-Star publish all the comments submitted by the citizens regarding our waterfront plan, and put them right smack on the front page. All of those comments are officially on the record, and were in fact solicited by the City of Hudson and the NY Dep't. of State. Reading them leaves one wondering how in the world our civic leadership managed to come up with a final plan that differs so dramatically from the vision expressed by the residents of Hudson. The cognitive dissonance required to draft that crummy LWRP in the face of those comments is just plain awesome.

  3. That the LWRP planners set out to deceive us is old news. But as each element of the plan resurfaces through the latest dismal Common Council, we see the depth of the cynicism of the officials who initially made fools of all who believed we were participating in something honest in the environmental impact statement process (GEIS).

    That certainly cannot be said of the LWRP process, because everyone knew exactly how that was being manipulated even while it was in progress.

    Whether or not what the planners did was illegal (please see two "My Views" at the Register Star addresses below), the SEQRA-required GEIS was as corrupt in spirit as was the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program. The planners were praying the public couldn't afford a legal challenge, and well we couldn't (at least I couldn't).

    Those who produced the two monstrosities - the LWRP and the GEIS - must be made to own them forever.

    A. 2011:

    B. 2012:

  4. There's no wondering about it, Gizmo.

    They cheated the public and then they lied about it.

    Cheryl Roberts herself denied in the GEIS that a conveyor had been contemplated, and on the same occasion published her own zoning proposal that can ONLY result in an elevated conveyor system or an impossible new crossing.

    The city knew this was going to be trouble. The revelation was an inevitability that was delayed (read: manipulated) until nearly a year after the statute of limitations had expired.

    This is why Mr. Moore is not crowing about the accomplishment of the new map, and why it wasn't mentioned in his agenda for 2013. This is why the city is not featuring it as "news" on its homepage, or under "Waterfront Developments and Documents".

    How Gossips came to know about it I can't imagine.

    There's no wondering in this at all. This is a case of utter, pure, double-eyed, sodding, stark and unadulterated dishonesty.

    Individual officials should be made to own this for all time. This should begin by interrogating them - anyone on the council - immediately.

    Too bad that the public doesn't have, or hasn't had, a real newspaper to look out for its interests.

    1. To answer your question, unheimlich, about how I came to know about the existence of the revised map: Don Moore was at the ZBA hearing and meeting, as I was, on Wednesday night. During the long break between the hearing and regular meeting, Don went upstairs and returned with copies of the map, which he declared were "hot of the presses." He gave me a copy, and confirmed that it was now also on the city website. He gave copies to the members of the ZBA.

    2. Thanks for that Gossips. There was no innuendo there, my second best guess being that you found it through your usual astute research.

      Anyone can see that the new map is practically hidden on the city's website.

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  5. Please think of the noise of a conveyor belt !