Saturday, September 7, 2013

Death Watch

The "disassembling" of 900 Columbia Street continues, and although there is no evidence that the people who are taking it apart are documenting the house so they can put it back together again (which may be difficult since there are regular reports of dumpsters full of historic building materials heading for the transfer station on Newman Road), Gossips feels compelled to document its demise--driven by respect for its antiquity and continuing disbelief that the determination to destroy it could so easily trump any effort to save it.

The picture above was taken on Friday, September 6, in the late afternoon, when most of the workers had left for the day. Behind what remains of the historic house, the new facility is rising. And the flag is back, so we can all feel proud that it is the American way to embrace the new while destroying our architectural heritage. 

Sadly, not much has changed in Hudson in the past forty years. The techniques may be different, but the outcomes are the same.

This picture shows the building that once stood at the corner of South Front and West Warren streets, a late 18th-century structure where Proprietor Marshall Jenkins ran a store, being bulldozed in 1974.


  1. The powers that be hate all thing "old" in "their town."

    Not smart enough to realize this is what attracts the renaissance happening here.

    like you say carole its biz as usual ... Galvan is a dream come true for "them"

  2. Shameful. Not a single public official speaking out about the lie Galvan told. I hope all the folks who have received money from this scurrilous foundation know how tainted it is.

    -peter meyer

  3. Friday morning I saw a man with a bicycle standing at the triangle intersection of 23B and Prospect Ave, near Columbia Turnpike, staring at the house and he opened his mouth and howled. I felt like joining him.