Friday, September 13, 2013

Saturday and the River

Tomorrow promises to be a glorious early autumn day--mostly sunny, the high temperature reaching only around 70 degrees, little if any chance of rain--the ideal day to be on or near the river, and two events offer compelling reasons to head down to the waterfront.

From 2 to 6 p.m., the Hudson Sloop Club invites everyone to come down to Rick's Point for Sloops + Scoops. There will be boats on display on land and in the water, two or three of which will be boats that the Hudson Sloop Club is building or restoring. There may even be a demonstration of knot tying or raft making or both by some of the younger members of the club. The event is an opportunity to learn about the Hudson Sloop Club, talk about waterfront issues, connect with the river, and eat ice cream! Food for the event, which is free, is being generously provided by LICK, Hudson Gelato, Bruno's, and the newly opened Kite's Nest Kitchen. 

At the same time Sloops + Scoops is happening in Henry Hudson Riverfront Park, the Columbia Land Conservancy, as part of the annual Hudson River Valley Ramble, is hosting the North Bay Paddle. Paddlers, in their own kayaks or canoes, will be guided on a three-mile journey to explore North Bay and view the Greenport Conservation Area from the river. In the intertidal wetlands, paddlers can see two rare plant species, numerous kinds of waterfowl, and maybe even a bald eagle. The paddle begins at 2:30 at the Hudson Boat Launch and returns there as well. 

Unfortunately, it is now too late to register for the North Bay Paddle, and besides the event is full, but Gossips recommends that you go to the boat launch at 2:30 to see the paddlers off and then head on over to Rick's Point for Sloops + Scoops.


  1. Welcome back to the slips, Mariana!

  2. Another event brought to in part by the financial support of the City of Hudson Arts, Entertainment, and Tourism Fund. Really, really looking forward to this.


  3. ...would anyone from city hall like to take credit for the two hundred fisherman, hunters, trappers, sportsmen that have been removed from the north bay? a group of local citizen, resident, taxpayers that used a speck of land next to a sewer plant for generations, we trade our way of life for a few subarus with out of state plates? for one day of use? and guess what? ... the north dock sportmen required no funding...

  4. Hope you guys have light winds... As you go through the bays, you can thank the tin boat Navigators for clearing the water chestnuts from your path.

  5. Which begs the question why the city intentionally leaves the waterfront park's Lockwood slip and its public docks chugged with Water Chestnuts?

    A one-day effort by a small team with a means to PROPERLY DISPOSE OF the invasive plant would do the job, but by doing nothing the City of Hudson actually encourages the weed's spread.

    Why the irresponsibility?

    Some city officials yearn to dominate the waterfront, but they have no concept of the maintenance involved. The sad truth is, they don't know a thing about the river.

  6. The re-distribution of wharf, where Moore's stimulus is applied, we end up with less use.