Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sunday at Olana

Over the last forty years of his life, Frederic Church created the landscape at Olana. He planted trees and shrubs to enhance the natural landforms and laid out carriage roads that allowed visitors to move through the grounds and experience the landscape "pictures" he had created. In a letter written in 1884, Church said of his work, "I can make more and better landscapes in this way than by tampering with canvas and paint in the studio."

Photo credit: Andy Arthur
Tomorrow--Sunday, September 22, from 2 to 6 p.m.--The Olana Partnership and Wave Farm's WGXC 90.7 FM present Framing the Viewshed: Groundswell, an innovative event that invites participants to wander through Church's landscape vignettes and experience site specific works of sound, text, installation, and movement. The main performance route follows Ridge Road and culminates on the East Lawn next to Church's Persian-inspired house. 

Those participating in the performances and installations include DJ Spooky, Pauline Oliveros, Japanther, eteam, robbinschilds, Bobby Previte, Maximilian Goldfarb, Greg Fox, Nadja Verena Marcin, David Kermani, Archie Rand, Nancy Shaver, Beth Schneck, and Cara Turett. To learn more about the event, you can listen to a compilation of interviews broadcast on WGXC with people involved in creating and organizing the event: Galen Joseph Hunter, Mark Prezorski, Pauline Oliveros, Bobby Previte, eteam, Beth Schneck, and DJ Spooky.

Tickets for Framing the Viewshed: Groundswell are $20, if purchased online today, and $30 if purchased after midnight tonight or at the event tomorrow.

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