Thursday, September 26, 2013

Progress: September 26, 2013

This morning, Gossips took a brief tour around Hudson to check on projects we've been watching.

At 900 Columbia Street, all traces of the historic house have disappeared. The new building is getting ready for its roof, windows, and siding, while the site of the historic house that is no more is being transformed into a parking lot.

At 449 Warren Street, work on the building called Hudson Arcade is moving forward. The rumors that the Hawthorne Valley Farm Store will occupy the premises have not yet been confirmed.

But on North Fourth Street, at the site of the would be Hudson River Hotel, nothing has changed since September 15, when it was discovered that the front wall of the building had been taken down to the lintels of the second-story windows--despite reports that on September 17, Peter Wurster, code enforcement officer, bypassed the Historic Preservation Commission and issued a demolition permit to take down the second floor because of "the 'emergency' nature and public safety concerns."


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