Monday, September 16, 2013

The Hard Life of a Street Tree

This morning, a truck backed into the tree in front of 612 Warren Street, ripping off a significant branch. Then DPW came along and took the branch away and trimmed up the tree.

The question is: Can the tree survive in this condition?

Thanks to Gossips readers for supplying these pictures.


  1. On Sunday Morning a major Ginko Tree was killed on Union on the corner of the Post Office parking lot ... sad.

  2. Vince:

    That was a pretty big tree. Any idea why it came down?


  3. ...typical fix in this city is to just put up another American flag, then all is good...

  4. Ellen -
    The whole tree line bordering the Post Office and the house that is now a lawyers office has been hacked away at recently.
    I suspect it was the lawyer who contracted the job, but i really don't know.
    He purchased the place years ago for a pittance and has been editing trees and slate walkways ever since.

  5. When I saw the giant hole in the sky while passing down Union Street, I immediately stopped and backed into the parking lot of the Post Office. I wanted to see whether the old Ginko would have blocked the view for the mail trucks entering Union Street.

    The answer is yes. I nominate the P.O. as the culprit.

    Also, has anyone noticed all the American Elms that died this year in Hudson? This includes the magnificent specimen on Front Street, on the CSX property just down from the Ferry Street Bridge.

    If and when the trees are cut down - and for those tough elms I can see no safety reasons for why they should be - we'll need samples for the Cornell Cooperative Extension to test for either Dutch Elm or Disease or Elm Yellows (elm phloem necrosis).