Monday, April 20, 2015

Another Tragic Loss

Word spread yesterday of the passing of Christina Malisoff. Sharing the sad news on Facebook, Gary Schiro, executive director of the Hudson Opera House, described Christina in this way. 
She was an artist, a nurse, a gardener, an activist, and for ten years and until yesterday a core part of our team at HOH. As everyone who knew her knows, she was an amazing, compassionate, loving, caring, profoundly generous human being, and she made the planet better everywhere she went.
Photo: China Jorrin
We are all blessed to have known Christina, and our loss, as individuals and a community, is profound. 


  1. In every respect, Christina was one of the truly beautiful people. --p

  2. Christina was a great, beautiful, strong accomplished woman!

  3. Reminiscent of deep and cherished friendships from my girlhood, Christina's phone number is the only one in Hudson I know by memory. Long before I met her, I would see her around town and wonder who she was and what made her so distinct. Then I met her and found out. She blessed my life with her generosity, intelligence and passion, her humor and wisdom. For me, she hung the moon. A huge loss for many hearts and for Hudson's collective soul.