Wednesday, April 29, 2015

More About the CEDC

Sam Pratt comments further about the Columbia Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) and its members' reactions to the findings of the New York State Budget Authorities Office: "CEDC leaders shrug off findings of State investigation."


  1. “CEDC and the CCIDA are public entities, using our tax-dollars for economic development. We have a right to full transparency on how these funds are being allocated. But most importantly, we deserve to have confidence in the integrity of the board members and the processes used in their decision-making.”

    The Clear Water Act explicitly preserves fishing rights.

    The National Historic Preservation Act requires that any federal funds granted used must accommodate the continuous historic and prehistoric uses.

    Five years ago, Mr. Flood stated that "we now own" North Dock and I ask again; who is we?

    If any funds came from the CWA or the NHPA, the HDC and CEDC should return these grants because they were attained by fraudulent "developers" attempting to restrict use of public trust lands when they are required to promote their use “to the fullest extent possible”.

    1 Riparian

  2. The CEDC had to launder "wild deeds" through HDC in order to acquire the submerged/submersible land at Foster's.

    RICO Ricky then contracted with a local fly by night to do demolition. Under Tricky Rick's tutelage, the place was left a toxic mess.

    This property should be renamed RICO Ricky's Refrigerator, and HDC should be made to rectify these clear violations of state and federal law before any additional grants are issued.

    1 Riparian

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