Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Let's Make Something Very Clear . . .

In an article entitled "Lincoln celebrated here, 150 years after his death," which appeared in Columbia Paper yesterdayJeanette Wolfberg reports: "The Galvan Foundation has contributed $1,5oo toward the cost of the events in Hudson and the Town of Stuyvesant. . . . Other major contributors include the Hudson Common Council's Arts, Entertainment, and Tourism Committee, and Columbia County Tourism." None of this money went toward Saturday night's re-creation of what happened in Hudson when the funeral train stopped here in 1865. That awesome event was funded entirely by a GoFundMe campaign launched by event organizers and made possible by the generous contributions of time, talent, and materials made by both event organizers and supporters.



  1. Besides, $1,500 is an insult. The Hudson event alone was a $50+k event easily! Thank you so much to all the people who donated time and energy to making it as otherworldly as the original!

  2. Not bitchy; just accurate. From afar it appeared to be a wonderful event.